Our Helping Hands: LaBioTech’s Outreach in Riyadh

December 1, 2023

Sponsored by: iCare, LaBioTech, Grace for Beauty Salon, Tanoor India Restaurant

In the heart of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where the glittering skyline often conceals the struggles of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), a beacon of hope shines bright – Bahay Kalinga. Nestled amidst the bustling city, Bahay Kalinga stands as a testament to the compassion and camaraderie that define the Filipino spirit. With the generous support of sponsors like iCare, Grace for Beauty Salon, and Tanoor India Restaurant, LaBioTech outreach program is extending its helping hands to serve distressed Kababayans.

Understanding the OFW Journey

The life of an OFW is a journey marked by resilience and sacrifice. Many leave the warmth of their homes in the Philippines, seeking opportunities abroad to provide a better future for their families. Riyadh, being a prominent destination, witnesses a significant Filipino diaspora. Yet, this journey is not without its challenges. From cultural adjustments to workplace issues, the OFW path is laden with hurdles.

Bahay Kalinga: More Than a Shelter

Bahay Kalinga, translating to “House of Care,” is more than just a shelter; it’s a haven designed to address the holistic needs of distressed OFWs. Sponsored by iCare, LaBioTech, Grace for Beauty Salon, and Tanoor India Restaurant, Bahay Kalinga is amplifying its efforts to provide comprehensive support.

A Community of Care

Bahay Kalinga fosters a sense of community, turning its walls into a home away from home. Through sponsored events and gatherings, distressed OFWs find solace in a community that understands and cares.

Sponsorship that Makes a Difference

The sponsorship from iCare, LaBioTech, Grace for Beauty Salon, and Tanoor India Restaurant is pivotal in sustaining Bahay Kalinga’s impactful outreach. Their support not only provides immediate relief but contributes to the long-term well-being and empowerment of distressed Kababayans.

Our Helping Hands Care for You:

As we reflect on the theme, “Our helping hands care for you,” it encapsulates the essence of our institutions mission. The collective support from sponsors and the unwavering dedication of the LaBioTech team redefine care, turning it into a tangible force that uplifts and transforms lives.

In Riyadh, where the city lights may be dazzling, it’s the compassionate glow of Bahay Kalinga that truly illuminates the path for distressed OFWs. The outreach program, powered by the caring hands of sponsors and volunteers, continues to be a sanctuary for Kababayans, embodying the spirit of Bayanihan in the heart of Saudi Arabia.

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